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Each API call is made at a project level.

Step 1. Create a project

  1. Open the console and go to Projects.
  2. Click Start a Project.
  3. Name the project and give it a description.
  4. Click Save.

Step 2. Find project credentials

  1. Open the console, go to Projects, and select a project.
  2. Go to the Developers tab in the project and copy the values of Project API Key and Project ID.

Don't share your credentials with others. They allow anyone to access your project and consume the UP42 credits associated with your account. If your credentials were compromised, generate a new API key.

Step 3. Enter the credentials

import up42
  1. Create a config.json file.
  2. Paste the following code:
      "project_id": "your-project-ID",
      "project_api_key": "your-project-api-key"
  3. Authenticate from the created config.json file.
    import up42