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📮 Ordering

Order images and download them via the ordering and assets. Via Catalog Search you can filter by various parameters e.g. time period, area of interest, cloud cover etc. Then, you can order an image, access it in the UP42 Storage or download it to inspect the result!

Supported Providers

Currently ordering supports these data providers: OneAtlas for Pleiades & SPOT data.


Catalog Search

For more detail on how to perform a catalog search and additional options, see chapter Catalog Search.

import up42

up42.authenticate(project_id="123", project_api_key="456")

catalog = up42.initialize_catalog()
aoi = up42.get_example_aoi(location="Berlin", as_dataframe=True)
search_parameters = catalog.construct_parameters(geometry=aoi, 
search_results =

Estimate the order price

catalog.estimate_order(geometry=aoi, scene=search_results.loc[0])

Place an order for the image

order = catalog.place_order(geometry=aoi, scene=search_results.loc[0])

Check the order status

You can check the status of the order via order.status. If you want to continuously track the order status until it is finished, use order.track_status(). Attention, this will block the Python process until the order is either finished, cancelled or failed!

Query and download the resulting assets of the order

assets = order.get_assets(limit=100, sortby="createdAt")


Continue with the Storage chapter!