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Support and FAQ


Please contact support or open a GitHub issue.

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UP42 blockutils - Developer tools to easily create custom UP42 data & processing blocks
UP42 mosaicking - Scripts to create image mosaics using UP42


Can I contribute to the SDK development?

Yes, bug fixes and contributions are very welcome. Please see the developer readme for further instructions.

I'm having trouble installing the SDK on Windows

When working on Windows, we recommend installing the UP42 Python SDK via the conda package manager, see the installation instructions under conda. If you still experience issues, please follow guide 1 or guide 2 to set up your Python environment with Anaconda for working with geospatial libraries.

Where is my config.json file with the project credentials?

The config.json is an alternative way to provide the project credentials to authenticate with UP42. You have to create a new JSON file and add the project credentials to the file as shown here.

Where can I find the default parameters for a block?

There are multiple ways to handle the block parameters. After creating a workflow, the most convenient way is to use workflow.construct_parameters() to create the parameters set. Here, parameters that are not specifically set will be added as the default block parameter values. Additionally, you can use up42.get_block_details() with the block's id to get the parameters of a specific block.

I want the catalog search results as JSON instead of a dataframe

Due to the amount of scenes and metadata, the default output of is a GeoPandas Dataframe, providing all its convenient methods for sorting, filtering and geometry operations. If you prefer the output as a regular json, you can use