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📡 Create a Satellite Tasking Order

A basic example on how to create a tasking order on UP42.


First connect with UP42 as explained in the authentication chapter.

import up42

Decide on the satellite dataset

We look at the available data products and decide to create a tasking order for a TerraSar satellite image ( see marketplace). The get_data_products function gives us the collection name and the data_product_id (required for ordering).

tasking = up42.initialize_tasking()
products = tasking.get_data_products(basic=True)
  "Pléiades Tasking": {"collection": "PHR-tasking",
    "host": "oneatlas",
    "data_products": {"Custom": "4f866cd3-d816-4c98-ace3-e6105623cf13",
      "Analytic": "bd102407-1814-4f92-8b5a-7697b7a73f5a",
      "Display": "28d4a077-6620-4ab5-9a03-c96bf622457e"}},
  "TerraSAR Tasking": {"collection": "terra-sar-tasking",
    "host": "airbus",
    "data_products": {"Custom": "a6f64332-3148-4e05-a475-45a02176f210"}}
terrasar_product_id = "a6f64332-3148-4e05-a475-45a02176f210"

Create the order parameters

#geometry = up42.read_vector_file("data/aoi_washington.geojson")
geometry = {"type": "Polygon",
   "coordinates": (((13.375966, 52.515068),
     (13.375966, 52.516639),
     (13.378314, 52.516639),
     (13.378314, 52.515068),
     (13.375966, 52.515068)),)}

To help with the order parameters we can use tasking.construct_order_parameters. It will also show you how to adjust parameters that are specific to the selected data product as log messages. Use tasking.get_data_product_schema(data_product_id) for more details.

order_parameters = tasking.construct_order_parameters(data_product_id=terrasar_product_id,
                                                      name="My Terrasar tasking order",
                                                      acquisition_start= "2022-11-01",
                                                      acquisition_end= "2023-03-20",
log: As `acquisitionMode` select one of ['spotlight', 'staring_spotlight', 'stripmap', ...]
log: As `polarization` select one of ['hh', 'vv', 'vh', 'hv', 'hh_vv', 'vv_vh', 'hh_hv']
log: As `processingLevel` select one of ['ssc', 'mgd', 'gec', 'eec']
    "acquisitionMode": "spotlight",
    "polarization": "hh",
    "processingLevel": "ssc"
{"dataProduct": "38ac8357-18c2-454d-acb5-9ec8f4c043b9",
 "params": {"displayName": "My Terrasar tasking order",
  "acquisitionStart": "2022-10-12T00:00:00Z",
  "acquisitionEnd": "2022-10-19T23:59:59Z",
  "geometry": {"type": "Polygon",
   "coordinates": (((13.375966, 52.515068),
     (13.375966, 52.516639),
     (13.378314, 52.516639),
     (13.378314, 52.515068),
     (13.375966, 52.515068)),)},
  "acquisitionMode": "spotlight",
  "polarization": "hh",
  "processingLevel": "ssc"}}

Place the tasking order

After placing the tasking order, UP42 will carry out a feasibility study for the specified requirements and contact you with next steps via email.

order = tasking.place_order(order_parameters)

You can check the status of the tasking order in code or on the UP42 Console, in the Storage menu under the "Orders" tab.


Feasibility study

After the order placed, the UP42 customer support team will reach out to you via email with the results of the tasking feasibility study and pricing options.

⏭️ Continue with the Storage chapter.