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You can visualize quicklooks and downloaded data.

Install with plotting functionalities

The visualization functionality is optional and not installed with the basic installation.

Advanced installation with plotting functionalities
pip install up42-py[viz]
Advanced installation with plotting functionalities
conda install -c conda-forge up42-py
conda install -c conda-forge rasterio folium branca matplotlib descartes

If you experience issues with the installation, use the following resources:

Interactive maps and plots

Draw an AOI


You can export the drawn AOI as a GeoJSON and use it via the up42.read_vector_geometry() method.

Job results


job.map_results() # Maps
job.plot_results() # Plots

Job quicklooks


job.map_quicklooks() # Maps
job.plot_quicklooks() # Plots

Catalog quicklooks

catalog.download_quicklooks(image_ids=list(, collection="phr")

catalog.map_quicklooks(scenes=search_results, aoi=aoi) # Maps
catalog.plot_quicklooks() # Plots

Catalog scene coverage

catalog.plot_coverage(scenes=search_results, aoi=aoi, legend_column="sceneId") # Plots